March Client Insights

Recording and Resources from the March 2023 Client Insights session with Matt & Anthea


Click play to watch the recording. Scroll down for all the resources.


During the session, we covered:

  • How you can update your website design for free
  • Our newest release...Key Dates and how you can get it on your site
  • How our client got six new Google Reviews from this one email
  • Upcoming features...Payroll Resources and BizPress
  • Our top marketing tip for the month - using your clients words in your marketing

New Website Design options

Are you looking to refresh the look and feel of your site? Did you know we offer a free website refresh at any time?

You can grab more details here. Or drop me an email if you want to chat.

Custom Design

If you'd like something a website designed unique for you, we've resourced up our Custom Design service now so we can get you a beautiful, unique website built for you quite quickly. 

Check our Knowledge Base for more details on our Custom Design service here, including examples and pricing. If you're interested, email and we'll be in touch.

Key Dates

Our Key Dates resources are now ready for firms in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States and the UK. Email support with the words Key Dates and we'll add these to your site for you. They contain month-by-month compliance and holiday dates. Here's an example for Australia.

Payroll resources

We also announced Payroll resources will be coming soon. In the meantime, we'll be launching a course from Tyler Winn of Cirrus Payroll so stay tuned.

March Success Story

This month I'm proud to shout out Shirley from IPR Accounting. We helped her send an email to her clients asking for Google Reviews and she got six new 5 star reviews that week. 

You can use the exact same email template to ask for reviews as well - find it in our Playbook. Email with the words "Google Reviews email" if you need a hand sending it.

Add Google Reviews to your site

Once you've got some Google Reviews, we can add these to your site for you, like this. Request Google Reviews be added to your site here.

Bizink clients get 30% off our Marketing Plan Workshop

Join us next week for a Marketing Plan workshop if you want to position your firm for marketing success in 2023. All attendees will get 13 bonus tools, templates and checklists AND if you send us your plan after the session, we'll review it and send you a personal Loom video so you know what's looking good and where you can improve. We've priced the session at $99 but Bizink clients get 30% off with the coupon bizink-loves-you

Register here. 

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