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Free Website Refresh

If you're on a standard design, Bizink offers a free website theme change at any time.

If you are looking to revamp your website, a Bizink Website Refresh might be a good idea. For clients on our standard design themes, we offer a free design change to another design theme at any time.

While you should work with your current website for a while to truly get the benefit out of it, we recommend a minimum of 12 months with any one design so you can focus on things like blogging, email marketing and additional outreach. 

You can see our Gallery of Website Designs that you can choose from here.

PLEASE NOTE: We encourage you to choose one of our new flexible designs, as they allow for more customisation. At the moment our flexible designs are Wave, Capsule, Tab and Radius. We are building more flexible options as we speak.

The Website Refresh includes:

  • Your choice of new design from our gallery.
  • Your choice of what to bring across from your current website
  • Refresher website training if needed
A bolt-on content writing package can be purchased for an additional fee should you wish to have new copy written for you. Additionally, we offer new imagery packages should you wish to update the images used across your site.

We usually allow 4-6 weeks to complete a Website Refresh and we will let you know where you are in the queue.

Interested in refreshing your current Bizink website? Get in touch with production@bizinkonline.com to get started.