Why can't I have full admin access to my site?

From time to time we get asked this question. Fair enough question but this is not something we offer at Bizink - but for very good reasons.

If you're familiar with web content management systems then you'll probably recognize the Wordpress admin area in your site. This is because we chose the Wordpress platform, as the basis for us to build our unique website offering. However, we have built our own applications and systems on top of Wordpress, including processes to remotely manage core files such as plugins.

At Bizink it is our responsibility to manage the security of your site as well as sites we manage for other businesses like yours, therefore we do not allow "admin" user access to anyone outside of Bizink to safeguard everyone's content and sites and to ensure that we can keep all the sites running at maximum uptime and performance.

But what if I want to make changes?

Ask us! We have a team of experts who understand your site and it's modifications and can quickly and efficiently make updates on your behalf. This is one of the benefits of working with Bizink, especially as we can do much of this at no charge.

But I insist - I must have access!

We don't provide a 'hosting only' service. If you really want a fully self-managed site, then there are plenty of hosting platforms about where you can create a website and have full control.