Adding plugins

There are lots of plugins on the market that can help expand your site's features. We're happy to assist you where feasible to get them added to your site.

To protect your site from security vulnerabilities and performance degradation, we limit plugins to mainly those approved by the Wordpress authorities and test their compatibility before adding. This ensures that only the best plugins are used and that they are tested and set up correctly on our staging server before deploying. (By adding a plugin, you give access to your site to a third party, plus plugins don't always play nicely together and can cause issues to your site. This can potentially harm performance and in a worst case scenario, your website can develop security issues or could stop running altogether - so we like to be careful.)

We have several already approved and installed plugins on our sites such as tools that automatically send data from your forms to your CRM system or post to social media. Most of these are not activated by default so we can keep your site running smoothly without too many unused plugins degrading performance.

Please see this list of our integrations:

(if the plugin you want, isn't in this list, please ask, we may be able to add it):

Email Marketing:

  • We use our own built-in email marketing which is free to all our website clients. If it's not activated on your website, please request it at