My website just launched, now what?

Let everyone know!

If you've just launched a new website or brand refresh, you should tell everyone about it! We have a tips below:

Email Blast

An Email Blast is an easy way to get a message out to many people at once. If you're on the Pro website package or above, your website will include an Email Marketing system in the backend. Why not put it to the test right away? We even have a template to help you let people know.

Remember: in order to send an email, you need to have a list of people to send it to! Make sure you have uploaded your subscribers first (see instructions on importing subscribers here). 


Let people know about your new website in your monthly newsletter - the phrase, "Check out our new website" may work well to drive traffic when used as a newsletter subject line.


Write a blog about the process and thinking behind the site. Why did you build or re-design your website this way, what changed and how it will benefit your customers? Detail the useful business resources and course available to your clients and prospects as well so they keep coming back. 

Social Media

Schedule announcements on social media. Typically, one to three shares per network over the space of a week is recommended. To do this from your website, simply schedule your blog about new website launch (once your website is connected to your social media). 


Update the feature images on your social networks with an image that includes a note about the new website launch. You can easily do this in Powerpoint.

Email Signature Link

Add a "Check out our new website" link to your email signature.

Phone message

Update the outgoing message on your main phone line to inform callers about the new website