Connect blogs to your social media

When you publish a new blog post, it can also be published to your social media accounts automatically.

Before you start publishing your blog posts, please make sure you are connected to your social media. There are a few ways to share your blog on your social media: 


This service needs to be set up before you can share posts automatically.

Please ask for one if we haven't already provided you with a Publicize (WordPress) login.

  1. Go to -  enter your credentials that we have supplied (Note: this is NOT the login you use to access your site) Please ask Bizink Support ( if you don't have your WordPress account credentials.
  2. Login to your website or hub
  3. Go to Posts – click on any unpublished article

  4. On the right part under the Publish section, you will see the Jetpack Social part. Click on the Settings button.

  5. Next, you should see a list of social media types you can connect with. Click on the ones you want to connect to and follow the instructions. (It's easier if you are already logged into your social media accounts)
  6. Open the drop-down next to each account and check the checkbox that says "Share this connection.."
  7. Return to your site and open any unpublished blog post. You should see the account listed that you have connected to under the Jetpack Social settings on the right side of the screen near the publish button.

You should only need to make this connection once. Once you are connected, all your blogs will be connected.

*Facebook doesn't post to personal profiles and business pages with business manager. It needs to be just a normal business page.

**LinkedIn only posts to personal profiles. To share a blog on LinkedIn business page, please use one of the options below.

***Social sharing only works for blog posts that have never been published previously. This prevents multiple instances of the post if you were to re-edit the post at a later date. To share again, use the manual sharing buttons on the blog post page.


  1. Post a blog as normal
  2. Go to your blog page in the front end of the website and click on the blog that you posted
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the article until you see sharing buttons
  4. Click on each button to share the blog on social media


  1. Post a blog as normal
  2. Go to your blog page in the front end of the website and click on the blog that you posted
  3. Copy blog's URL
  4. Paste it to your social media page (it will load the blog automatically when you click Post)

Please also watch our short video below: