Website Onboarding

Step 1: Complete Onboarding

Please complete our onboarding form below. This information is required BEFORE we can begin building your site.

Onboarding form:

One key contact

We like to work with one key contact person in your company. We call this person “The Website owner”.  Please decide who this will be so you can add their details to the onboarding form.

Completing the onboarding form without all the necessary documentation will delay the website build process.

Two rounds of changes

We only make TWO ROUNDS OF CHANGES. Any further changes can be done at your end once the website is live and after your website training. 
We are happy to make more than 2 rounds of changes, but there will be an extra cost.

Your current website provider

If you’re currently with a different website provider, please make sure you check your contract with them. If you need to cancel your contract by a certain date, please talk to us to discuss when you need your new website live to make sure you’re not left without a website.

Some website providers also act as domain and email providers. Before cancelling your contract, make sure you will be able to host your domain and email address with them. If not, you’ll need to register your domain with one of the 3rd party domain providers (GoDaddy, Crazydomains, NetRegistry etc…) and the same applies for your email (Gmail, Hotmail etc).

No previous website?

You will need to buy and register your domain with one of the domain providers. The domain is the URL of your website (eg

Same applies to your email address, you’ll need to register your business email address with one of the email providers.

Step 2: Content

Getting all your content sorted BEFORE we start building your website will not only save you time later but also is cheaper!

Our process revolves around a single point of contact and the information you provide in the onboarding form. The more detail you give us, the more work we can do for you before the site goes live. So thinking about this now and giving us all you can at once means we can handle setting up all your content and pages. This saves you time when it comes to editing your site in the future.


Bizink's content writing service:

At Bizink, we have a content writing service to help you with your website content. Typically, we'll write 5 pages of content. These can be pages of your choice. We suggest including Home page as part of it.
The cost of the service is $300 but it is free with our Pro, Plus and Premium website packages.

If you need more than 5 pages, we can do this at extra charge depending on the amount of content needed. Please speak to your production manager if that’s the case.

  • Written by Bizink
    • Essential Website Package $300
    • Free with Pro, Plus and Premium website packages
    • Please complete our Content Brief
  • Written by you
    • Please send content at least for: Home page, About Us page, Services page (s). These pages are necessary for the website to go live. 
    • Please send your content in a Word document to

Content included in your website package

  • Essential Website Package

    • Partner pages
    • Partner resources
    • Mail templates
    • Mail posts (US only)
    • Contact page
  • Pro, Plus and Premium Website Packages

    • Blogs
    • Business Resources
    • Partner pages
    • Partner resources
    • Mail templates
    • Mail posts (US only)
    • Contact page

If you have any questions at any stage of the production process, please feel free to get in touch with your production manager.