Website & Content Review

Once the website is ready for review, we will send you our production link and 1st Website Review document where you can record your content changes or suggestions. Once complete, you can email this back to us. We will then follow with the 2nd Website Review document.

We need you to review the site and check if you’re happy with how it looks, and the content we’ve put into it. We need your thoughts on content and any design changes you need that can be accomplished within the parameters of the site design you’ve selected. Please note ALL the changes to the form below.

What to check

Please take your time when reviewing your website. We recommend you check for everything one day, then come back to it next day and check again.

If you are waiting for others to review the website, please send us all the changes in the one document AFTER they have reviewed it.

We only include 2 ROUNDS OF CHANGES in our website packages. We are happy to make additional rounds of changes for you at an extra cost of $99NZD/round. You will also be able to make further changes yourself once the website is live and you have received your website training. 

Points to note

  • Forms: At this point, your forms are not connected to your email address, please don’t worry if you test it and don’t receive a notification. Connecting website forms is part of pre-live setup and is done by us.
  • Images: Some of the images may have shutterstock watermark at this stage. We need your confirmation that you’re ok with images before we purchase them.
  • Content: Please check the content (text) on each page and provide your feedback below.
  • Any other details: we’re happy to help with any other request. Please note, some of the changes might be outside the scope of the project and therefore may be subject to extra cost. Don’t worry, we will always inform you if that’s the case.