Setting the website live

Once we've done your 2nd round of changes, we will send you your "Go-Live" instructions on what you need to do. This stage usually takes around 2 days.

You will need to have access to your Domain Name Service (DNS) account so you can update the settings to direct your domain name to our web server or let your IT team/person know. We can probably help here too, please let us know.

DNS settings:

Usually, we require you to set up a DNS 'a' record for both the root domain (e.g., and the www domain (e.g., in your domain provider account.

Both of these should point to:

Setting this up is slightly different between providers, here's a typical example:


Once live, we’ll also do a  few housekeeping tasks such as setting up live monitoring, connection to Analytics software, and adding a Secure Certificate to make your site extra Google friendly.


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