Personalize your newsletters with first name and other shortcodes

You can personalize your newsletters by including the first and/or last name of your subscribers.

This works in 3 different places:

  1. The Subject line of your newsletter
  2. In the newsletter editor (Step 2)
  3. In the Confirmation email (Settings page, Subscription Confirmation tab)

How it works in the visual editor

To add a first name, last name or a default text, use the following button in your text editor:

This will add this snippet (or "tag") in your text editor:

If your first name is John Doe in your subscriber profile in our email marketing, and you send the newsletter to yourself, you will see this: Howdy John, how are you today?

If the subscriber doesn't have a first name, this will show instead: Howdy Doe, how are you today?

Finally, if the subscriber only has an email address, it will show this: Howdy subscriber, how are you today?

Send yourself a test newsletter to try it.

Other examples of usage

If you want just the first name, use this:

Alternatively, just the last name, like this:

This would display one of these 3 combinations if the recipient is called John Doe:

  1. Hello John Doe!
  2. Hello Comrade Doe!
  3. Hello Comrade of our ship!

Full list of available shortcodes


  • First Name: [user:firstname | default:subscriber]
  • Last Name: [user:lastname | default:subscriber]
  • Email Address: [user:email]


  • Newsletter Subject: [newsletter:subject]
  • Show number of posts: [newsletter:total]
  • Show latest post's title: [newsletter:post_title]
  • Display the issue number: [newsletter:number]


  • Current day of the month number: [date:d]
  • Current day of the month in ordinal, ie. 2nd, 3rd, etc : [date:dordinal]
  • Full name of current day: [date:dtext]
  • Current month number: [date:m]
  • Full name of current month: [date:mtext]
  • Year: [date:y]


  • Unsubscribe link: [global:unsubscribe]
  • Edit subscription page link: [global:manage]