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Add Live Chat to your Bizink website

Want to add Live Chat to your website? Bizink can help.

Did you know you can add Live Chat to your Bizink website? All you need to do is choose a Live Chat provider (we have some recommendations below) and then we'll help you add it to your website. 

Here are some we recommend:

Live Chat means you can respond to people at the time of their question. It's highly unlikely that you'll get tonnes of requests suddenly come in, plus you can set chat opening hours, so it should be manageable for you and your team. Some providers even offer a bot system which will send set replies based on their queries. 

If you're interested in Live Chat or have any questions, please contact support@bizinkonline.com and they'll help you get this set up. There's no additional fee from Bizink's side, but you will have to arrange payment with the provider you select.