July Client Update with Playbooks

Webinar recording of our July 2021 client-only update

This webinar covers the following:

  • Team announcements
  • New content
  • New features including Notifications, Checklists and Key Dates
  • Playbooks


To request this be added to your site, please fill in this form. This means you'll be notified when Bizink releases new content.


To request Checklists be added to your site, please fill in this form. Please note, how many prewritten checklists you receive will depend on your package, but everyone will get the functionality to add their own.

Beta testers needed for Key Dates

If you're based in Australia or New Zealand and are happy to be a beta tester for our upcoming Key Dates feature, please fill in this form.


Contact Meena at meena@playbooks.live if you have any questions.

Join their Masterclass on August 5th here.

There's a free Meeting Questions Playbook created by Bizink in Playbooks.

Webinar recording

Watch the recording below