How to stress test your clients' cash flow

“Simply the easiest and most practical tool for scaling a firm’s cash flow – giving the leadership team real insight into the 7 critical levers for driving valuation. There is no other simpler tool to give real visibility into the financial workings"

About the Session

Joss Milner of Cash Flow Story is our guest presenter. Here’s his rundown on the session:

“In this unprecedented time, it has never been more important for companies to understand and manage their cash flow.

Many businesses have had a severe drop in revenue and need to know what they can do to survive. Understanding your numbers and being able to communicate internally and externally is critical.

As advisors our role is to help our clients survive, and come out the other side in a position to get back on track.

This session will focus on how you can assist your clients in gaining a better understanding of their numbers and run stress tests on various outcomes.”

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