Log a great support ticket

We have number of guides and videos to help you with website management and email marketing and are continuously releasing new ones. Our knowledge base is accessible via the yellow Support button in the backend of your website.

How to log a great support ticket

Submitting a clear and accurate support ticket assists our support team in pinpointing the issue you have encountered, which can drastically reduce the time to resolution. We can address detailed, clearly-written tickets more quickly and efficiently than those which are unclear or lack the necessary information and detailed steps to reproduce the behaviour.

For a full understanding of how to write a good support ticket, please read through this entire document.

Things to think about:

  • Search first - you may find an answer by doing a quick search in the resources available via Support button in the backend of your website or via https://support.bizinkonline.com/
  • Look through your website training recording. The recording follows the steps of the left hand side menu in your website’s backend.
  • Do you have all the necessary information/supporting documentation at hand? These can be any links, login details, PDF’s, screenshots - the more information you give us, the easier it is for us to help
  • If you don’t know precise technical terms, please attach a screenshot, it will help explaining the issue. Google Chrome offers great browser extension Screencastify - this is a great way to record a mini video of the issue. It’s free to download and you can also use it to help your own clients if explaining via email is too complicated.


Example of a great support ticket

Ticket subject:

Financial Guide 2018 PDF doesn’t open in a new window

Ticket details:

I have added Financial Guide 2018 PDF to my Financial Planning page but I would like it to open in a new window. I have tried to do it via link options and ticked the box “Open link in a new tab” but it doesn’t work. I have attached a screenshot and also attached the PDF file.


Example of a not so great ticket

Ticket subject:

Help! (or Website assistance, Form isn’t working, Urgent)

Ticket details:

My resources don’t work.

If you’d like us to call you, we’re happy to however, please describe the issues in your email anyway so we can have a look at the issues before we call you. It will make the process much faster. Often the issues can be sorted immediately although sometimes we need to involve our IT or development teams.


Summary of steps

  • What company are you from or acting on behalf of?

If you email us to support@bizinkonline.com instead of using Support button in the website’s backend, your signature doesn’t include a website URL, it is not clear from your email address which company you are from or you don’t tell us which company you act on behalf of we won’t be able to know.

  • What is the issue, page the issue is on, link to the page

For example: When I click submit button for contact form on contact us page there’s no confirmation message displayed. The message should say: Thank you for contacting us!

  • Add attachments

Often issues are difficult to explain, please attach a screenshot as well or record a screencast (mentioned above) to show what is the issue. If you’d like us to add something to the website, please attach the file you’d like adding too.

  • Login details

If you would like help with an issue that involve us to login, please include the login link and login details. For example, if you need help with connecting your payment gate to the website.

  • Other details

This can be anything that would help us identify the issue immediately. For example, if part of your website acts different in mobile and different on desktop. We need to know whether you’re referring to mobile view or desktop view.



Thank you for your co-operation!

The Bizink Support Team