How do I remove a team member from my site?

Learn how to remove staff from your team page.

1. To remove a team member from the Team page, log in to your website and Click Pages. Navigate to your Team page, then scroll down to the list of members - hover to the right of the record you want to remove and click the "-" icon. Then publish the page.

Screenshot 2019-06-20 09.11.05

2. If you want to reuse the member profile later, then the profile in the Team members section can be retained. If you no longer wish to keep the record, then the team member can be safely deleted once the above edit has been made.


Removing the team member record, before removing from the listing on the Team members web page, will result in a page error and no content will display. To fix this, navigate to the Team members web page and complete the process in step 1 above.