Adding images to your blog posts

Your blog posts will have more impact with images and your Bizink website design will likely have provision for including a featured image on the post listing page.

To include an image:

  • Go to your blog post page (in edit mode).
  • Scroll down to "featured image" on the right side of the edit screen.
  • If no image is visible there, click "Set featured image"
  • Then select an image from your Media gallery
    You can add a new image to the gallery at this point or select from images you have previously uploaded.

Sizing images

When preparing images for blog posts, ensure they are about 640px wide. Avoid making them too big as this can slow down the upload speed.

You don't need Photoshop to resize images. Try these alternatives.

  • Shutterstock (see below) - includes a custom sizing option before you download images
  • Gimp - - similar to Photoshop but free
  • Microsoft Photos for Windows - Available built into windows 10
  • Apple Preview - Available built into Mac OS

Sourcing images


Your website is linked to a library of images you can use at no charge. Simply click the 'Pixabay' button above the edit screen on any blog post or page to select and insert an image.

Alternatively we recommend: