How do I add new team member?

Learn how to add a team member to your website in this video.

  1. Login to your website and click Team Members on the left hand side (in the black panel).
  2. Add as much detail as you like about the team member including their name, position, image, bio / profile and even contact details, if you want. 
  3. When you're happy, click the blue Publish button on the top right hand side. 
  4. Then go to Pages on the left hand side (in the black panel) and navigate to your team page.
    1. If you don't have one set up, feel free to contact us at Otherwise, you can do this yourself by clicking Add New page. Give it a title (eg. Meet the Team) and change and the Page Template to "Team" (find this on the right hand side under the blue publish button). 
  5. Once you're inside your team page, scroll down to the Displayed Team Members section and click Add New Team Member. Choose the team member from the drop down list and then scroll up and hit Update.

Note: Please make sure there are no blank rows on your team page or this will break the page

Watch this video to learn how to add a team member to your website. 

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