COVID-19 Resources explained

Information on our COVID-19 Resources

We recently added a whole bunch of COVID-19 Resources for clients who wanted them. These resources are country-specific and relevant to what's going on in your area at the time.

Once we set this up for you, any new content will be added to your site automatically. 

Here is our webinar recording where we take you through it all: (more details below)

The content topics are:

  • Business Advice
  • Government Help
  • Latest News
  • Wellbeing

Please do not change the names of these topics (otherwise we won't be able to give you new content). 

This will be updated regularly

We are constantly monitoring the situation and will update these check every few days. You can expect new content every week, particularly in the Latest News -> Weekly Digest section.

Weekly Digest Newsletter

If you requested a Weekly Digest newsletter, you will receive more information soon. This is a weekly newsletter that sends to your clients (or list of your choosing) from the Email Marketing section of your website. You will get a chance to review and edit this if you want.

Add your own resources to COVID-19 Resources

You are more than welcome to add your own resources to the COVID-19 Resources page. To do this, login to the backend of your site and click COVID-19 Resources on the left hand side. Click Add New at the top and fill out the title and content sections. You will also need to select the Content Topic and Content Type on the right hand side. 

Add your own Content Topics or Content Types

You are also welcome to add your own Content Topics or Content Types. Some of our clients are adding a "Useful Links" section. To do this, login to the backend of your site and click COVID-19 Resources on the left hand side. Underneath that click Covid19 Type and follow the prompts on the left to add a new one. 

If you get stuck or have a question, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email to

Watch this video to find out more:

Social Media Graphics

Access the social media images we created for you here.