Production Process Overview

Thank you for choosing to work with Bizink!

We aim to make the build process as simple as we possibly can. Therefore, we’ve put together this document to help you familiarise with the process.

Please read all our production process steps. If you have any concerns over the process outlined below, don’t hesitate to contact us on


1. Prepare

  • the length of this step depends on you

2. Onboard

  • 1 day

3. Build

  • 5 working days

4. Go Live

    • 2 working days but it mainly depends on your domain provider

    6. Training

    • 30 minutes

    We aim to set your new client hub live within 2 weeks from receiving your onboarding form. This timeline extends if any other custom work is requested.

    Ready to go?

    As a first step, please complete our Onboarding form. This is essential for us to start working on your client hub.

    Once we have your onboarding form and all the required information, we will start working on your client hub. As per the timeline above, please allow 5 working days for the build.

    As soon as the client hub is built, we'll send you instructions for setting your client hub live. Setting the client hub live requires you to add an A record to your DNS settings. You will either need to contact your IT team/person, domain provider or login to your domain account. Once that's done, the client hub should be live soon after the record was added but it will also depend on the type of domain provider. Please allow up to 24 hours for DNS changes to propagate.


    The instructions also include a link to book your training. The training takes place via Zoom online meetings and lasts around 30 minutes. As soon as you book your training, you will receive an invitation with a link to access the meeting. If you need to cancel or reschedule your meeting, feel free to use the same link.